October 2, 2017 – We all work together!

Friday, October 6th PHOTO DAY!

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As our students settle in to class routines and begin to explore new and meaningful curriculum tasks, I always look forward to my daily classroom visits.  Teachers and students working together and sharing ideas is a common occurrence at Jessie Lee.  When children and teachers cooperate and work together they develop a sense of social responsibility as well as a tolerance and respect for the ideas and opinions of others.  These are important qualities to possess; qualities which support happy, confident, caring individuals – the very kind of people we want in the world.


Working together in our classrooms takes on many shapes and sizes: children actively discussing in small groups, partners exchanging and negotiating ideas, teams working on a project, or the entire class working towards one goal.   By engaging in discussions and taking responsibility for their learning, students are encouraged to become critical thinkers and thoughtful workers.  Research shows that working together improves learning, builds a sense of belonging, encourages responsible decision-making, and develops important social skills.

One of my goals for all of us here at Jessie Lee is to embrace the power of working together and, in doing so, create a meaningful, inclusive, and caring learning environment for all our members, young and old.

Thank you for your continued support,
Kelli Vogstad


We all work together. . . Div. 8 works together during Writers’ Workshop.  Div. 16 students work together with Osmos, a hands-on game system on iPad, to learn names.  Our soccer team comes together for their first practice.  Div. 6 students work together on a collaborative word study task, and Ms. Hayes and Monsieur Nadeau work together at an after school Coding and Robotics workshop.




The parents at Jessie Lee continue to work together to help build a positive school community. Our Parent Advisary Committee (PAC) plays a very active role in supporting this positive learning community by planning special events, fundraising, and more. We thank the many parents who have and will volunteer on a regular basis in classrooms, on field trips, driving to games, and helping out around our school. THANK YOU!

Let me introduce you to our PAC Executive: Megan Pickell, Jamie Friesen, Emily Sherwin, and Erin Drake.


Friday, October 13th, will be Jessie Lee’s first PAC meeting, 1:30 – 2:25 p.m. in the staffroom. Our PAC executive is encouraging parents to come to this early afternoon meeting and offer your opinions and feedback. We hope to see you there.

One final message from our PAC executive . . . Jessie Lee’s Hot Lunch Program will start this week.  Please look for notices and communication coming to you soon.

A message to parents from the Library: As we wait for our office renovations to be finished, the library will not be open to parents and students after school.  Thank you for your patience.





Our cross country team enjoyed a successful first race held at Crescent Park last week.  The sun was shining and so were our athletes.  A big shout out to our student athletes and a big thank you to our coaches and parent volunteer.  When we all work together, great things can be accomplished.  Way to go, Jessie Lee!




All across Canada people came together in orange shirts to raise awareness of the very tragic legacy of residential schools, and to honour the thousands of survivors.  Here at Jessie Lee teachers and students worked together to learn and talk about the messages behind Orange Shirt Day.

Our new curriculum integrates Aboriginal understandings and knowledge across all curriculum subjects and grade levels to ensure the Aboriginal voice and perspective is a part of every child’s learning journey.  In addition, all learners have the opportunity to understand and respect their own cultural heritage as well as that of others.

In any community, whether Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal, we have an important role in guiding student learning, skill acquisitions, and achievement. In the context of Canada’s new commitment to truth and reconciliation with Aboriginal peoples, we also have an important additional role in contributing to truth, reconciliation, and healing.  We have an important role to play by education all of society about the place of First Peoples within the Canadian mosaic and the importance of redressing the historical damage done to Aboriginal communities.

Here at Jessie Lee many teachers read stories and invited children to participate in thoughtful discussions and tasks under the theme, EVERY CHILD MATTERS!


At our assembly, we shared Phyllis’ moving story and video (see last week’s post) which has become a national movement to recognize the experience of survivors of Indian residential schools, to honour them, and to show a collective commitment to ensure that every child matters.

One of our grade one students, Kai, also told his story about his great great grandma.  “I wear an orange shirt on Orange Shirt Day for my great great grandma Katie,” Kai shared.  Kai’s great great grandma, Katie, was born January 21, 1933 in Fort Chipewyan Northwest Territories. She attended residential school at Saint Michael’s in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories for 3 years old from the age of 6 to 9.


Kai’s great great grandma is turning 84 this January and Kai hopes to visit her in Edmonton where she lives.  Thank you also to Kai’s family, his mom, grandma, and great grandma who also attended our assembly and shared their story.


VIDEO OF THE WEEK: “Show Us the Way”

At last week’s Orange Shirt Day Assembly, children also viewed this music video. The song was written, recorded, and filmed with Elementary school students selected from the Surrey School District Board in Surrey, British Columbia.  

Thirteen Elementary Aboriginal students bring their voices together, embracing and acknowledging Indigenous heritage. Student-written lyrics, along with compelling visuals, shed light on some of the challenges facing Indigenous youth in an urban setting. Through the arts, students share their powerful messages:

“See who I am, I’ve got something to say; I’ll show you again, don’t want to be afraid; I’ll be learning for the rest of my days; So I’ll stand tall if you teach me the ways; As we look to the future will you see me the same?




Many teachers at Jessie Lee will communicate student learning this year through personalized digital portfolios using an online tool called FreshGrade.  FreshGrade represents a new way to communicate student learning which engages families in real-time student progress, reporting, parent participation, and student support. This digital tool allows teachers to effectively collect, organize, and share evidence of student learning in the classroom with parents. This evidence can take the form of notes, images, audio, and video clips and can be sent to parents via email.


We have known all along that ongoing, descriptive feedback is an essential part of assessing and improving student learning, We also know that as busy people, parents yearn to know on a daily basis what their child is learning and how they are progressing. FreshGrade gives parents a “window” into the classroom so they don’t need to wait for interims, parent-teacher conferences, or report cards to know how their child is doing, and ways in which they can support their child’s learning.

We hope families have all received their Digital Portfolio Consent Form that was sent home with your child.  If you did not receive one you can access the form here, Digital Portfolio Consent Form or drop by the office to get one.  Please read through it carefully, sign, and return.  A number Jessie Lee teachers, including myself, have used FreshGrade for 3-4 years.  If you have any questions about FreshGrade, please contact me.


3-Cross Country Meet – Crescent Park – 3:30
6-PHOTO DAY -individual student photos
9-Thanksgiving – Classes not in session
10-Cross Country Meet – Crescent Park – 3:30
17-Cross Country Meet – Crescent Park – 3:30
20-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
3-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
9-Remembrance Day Assembly – 9:00 a.m.
10-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
13-Satutory Holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day – Classes not in session
22-Last day of classes before Winter Break
25-Winter Break begins
5-Last Day of Winter Break
8-Welcome Back! First day of school in 2018
16-Early Dismissal for program evaluation
12-Family Day – Classes not in session
16-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
19-29-Spring Break
30-Good Friday
2-Easter Monday
4-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
21-Victoria Day – Classes not in session
28-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
28-Last Day of classes
28-Early Dismissal for program evaluation
28-Student Learning Communications sent home
29-Administration Day – Classes not in session for students


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