December 26th, 2017

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PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE: A Holiday Wish and Heartfelt Thank Yous

Ho, ho, ho, mistletoe, and happy holidays.  I hope this message finds you and your family enjoying a wonderful Winter break.  School holidays offer an opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children. Taking time to talk with your children is important in building open and honest relationships. Remember to take time to invite and listen to your children’s ideas. Foster your children’s curiosity and interests by asking a lot of ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’ questions. This helps children in learning how to express their thoughts and feelings. Gather together at meal time, read together, play games, share stories, do household chores together, take up a family hobby, go on a special outing, and simply find time to be playful and enjoy each other’s company.

Thanks to everyone for joining us and sharing in the holiday spirit at our Winter concerts. The amazing talents of our students and staff were showcased in a variety of performances: singing, dancing, a music video, the playing of ukuleles and percussion instruments, and more.  It was a perfect way to end 2017.

Thank you to all those who contributed to our Food Bank Drive as well as making donations to support our Hot Lunch for Kids Program.  And thank you to the very generous private business and individuals from our community who donated Christmas hampers and gift cards for some of our Jessie Lee families.  Thank you!

On behalf of the entire staff, I wish everyone much happiness and joy for the coming year.  Warm Regards,

Kelli Vogstad




OUR WINTER CONCERT: Some Photos and Video Snippets

Our concert day started early with a school-wide dress rehearsal.  All Jessie Lee students filled our gym to watch and perform.  Our rehearsal went smoothly; with songs practiced, entrances and exists rehearsed, and instruments tuned, we were ready for our next two performances.

We could not have managed without our grade 7 helpers from Division 2.  They collected tickets, handed out programs, cued the music, manned the lights, and brought students from their classrooms down to the gym to perform.

A great big shout out to Nate, our technical wizard, who made sure all our tech needs, light, music, and videos, were met.  Thank you, Nate!

Our Grade 7 Band opened our concerts with an entertaining selection of holiday tunes.  Thank you JL students, and Ms. Susan Hagen, for the wonderful performance.

And then our amazing grade seven storytellers, Anisha, Preston, Samantha, and Jack, entertained us and informed us as they introduced every concert performance.

“What a wonderful time of year.  Friends and families gather together to share stories of holidays past while they make new memories for the future.  We welcome our Jessie Lee family to sit back and enjoy our stories, poems, songs, dances, and music.”

“Tonight, we are here to sprinkle Christmas cheer.  This performance is about families coming together to share the special spirit of this holiday season.  The students of Jessie Lee are excited to present the hard work of the past weeks.  So, sit back and enjoy!”

Here are some of the stories shared along with video snippets of the performances in concert order . . .

“Our first group of grade 3 & 4 students from Division 8 & 9 are ready.  The holiday song they will perform on ukuleles is an old treasured favourite. It carries a joyful message to people, oh what fun it is to … play the ukuleles?”

“Snow…Snowflakes…snowshoes…snowsuit…snowstorm… I’m dreaming of a white Christmas – wouldn’t that be great!   I love everything about snow. . .  building snowmen, seeing it covering the houses and trees, making it look like a winter wonderland.  We think the kids in grade 1 and 2 from Divisions 13 and 14 also love the snow.  Here they are to sing Bon Homme and The Happiest Littlest Snowman.”

How many more days until we get our presents?   I know Christmas is more than just about getting presents, but I really do like getting presents! I also like giving presents, especially when I take the time and make them myself.”

“Giving presents has become a holiday tradition, which reminds us of the first presents given by the wise men.  Our grade 7 students from Division 2 will now share an original Music Video, All I Want for Christmas.”

“Hey you know who else gives presents on this holiday?  Our boss…you know … the guy in the big red suit, with a cherry nose, and a long white beard, and he says, HO, HO, HO?”

“Saint Nick!  . . . Father Christmas!  . . . Kris Kringle! … Santa Claus!   He is still at the North Pole, making his list and getting ready.  I know that the grade 5 and 6 students from Division 5 are definitely on Santa’s list.  Here they are with their own choral rendition of Twas the Night before Christmas.”

“What’s black and white . . . eats tapioca . . . and can only waddle?   . . . Give-up?  Why it’s a penguin doing a polka! Did you know that real live penguins would never run into Santa at the North Pole, our tuxedoed friends are from the South Pole?  The grade K, 1 and 2’s from Divisions 12 and 15 will now perform the toe-tapping Penguin Polka and Let it Snow.”

“Give me an V – Give me an I – Give me another V – Give me an E What’s that spell?  (Vive) Vive means hooray in French, and French is Canada’s second official language.  The next song is called Vive le Vent.  The word vent means wind, but this is not a song about the wind.  If you listen carefully you will hear the bells in this performance by the grade 6 French students from Division 4.”

“I love the light sparkly sound of percussion instruments.  It reminds me of falling snow and Christmas glitter. Our next song is the March of the Nutcracker one of the most well-known melodies of Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet, which our grade 2 and 3 singers from divisions 10 and 11 will perform and then Here comes the Snow.”

“Have you been to the malls lately, right after Halloween, stores were already selling Christmas stuff.  I think we have lost sight of the real meaning behind this holiday season.  Here is division 3, grade 6 and 7 students who explore the meaning of Christmas through movement and song, Where Are You Christmas and Thank you for Letting M Be Myself Again.”

“Aren’t these little ones cute?  Not only are they cute, but they are also talented.  All Jessie Lee kindergarten students are exceptionally talented.  Ready to perform from divisions 16 and 17, two songs, Little Snowflake and The Happiest Christmas Tree.”

“Do you have an angel on the top of your Christmas tree?  Angels play an important role in the holiday season.  The word angel means messenger.  When it was the first Christmas an angel appeared and said, “Fear not: for behold, I bring unto you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.”  Bringing their own tidings of great joy are the grade 4 and 5’s, from Divisions 7, playing Ode to Joy on their ukuleles.”

“I really love all the Christmas music.  What if all songs were rewritten to be Christmas songs?  Like Jake Paul’s, It’s Every Day Bro, or Justin Timberlake’s, Can’t Stop the Feeling, or Owl City’s, Fireflies. What if these songs all had Christmas words?  …  Stop wishing, because the grade 5 students from Division 6 are here to entertain us with their own rockin’ original renditions.”

Division 1, grade 7 French students were are last performers.  They presented a Star-Wars themed, Grinch-Stealing-Universe, Christmas love story play, titled, Les Espions de L’espace

We ended the concert with a moving finale, all students, kindergarten to grade seven and teachers came together and sung, Nothing More, sharing a heart-filled message for the holiday season love and respect for each other.

Our four storytellers ended our concert with a special message:

“Thank you, Mr. Withers and Madame Viens, Jessie Lee’s talented music teachers for all their hard work. To all of you, from all of us, we wish everyone a wonderful Winter Break. We wish you and your family, Season’s Greetings and a joyous New Year!


VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Le Rat de Ville

Bonjour! This week’s video is shared and presented by Division 4, our Grade 6 French students.  Enjoy this creative and entertaining video, en Francais.



Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.21.07 PM


25-Winter Break begins
5-Last Day of Winter Break
8-Welcome Back! First day of school in 2018
11&12-Yoga Begins: Mind Your Movements – Thursdays/Fridays
16-Early Dismissal for program evaluation
24-Cardboard Challenge
8&9-Last Yoga Classes
12-Family Day – Classes not in session
16-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
19-29-Spring Break
30-Good Friday
2-Easter Monday
4-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
21-Victoria Day – Classes not in session
23-Welcome to Kindergarten – 12:30-2:30 pm
28-Non-Instructional Day – Classes not in session for students
28-Last Day of classes
28-Early Dismissal for program evaluation
28-Student Learning Communications sent home
29-Administration Day – Classes not in session for students


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